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The Desert Near The Mountains

My wife is way too funny, one of the things I love about Stefanie is the pure excitement that overcomes her when we are exploring something new or seeing beautiful scenery for the first time. She often throws inhibition to the wind and wants to take off and enjoy the moment right then and there. This picture is from the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado. When we saw the dunes from a distance, we were in awe of the fact that desert sands could be so close to beautiful green, lush, snow capped mountains in Colorado. But that is exactly what this place is...a wonder in the middle of nowhere nuzzled up next to a beautiful mountain range. As soon as we pulled up, Stefanie told me what she needed and basically took off towards the dunes before I could say "okay". I always get a smirk on my face when she does this, to see her so pumped on life and experiencing something that brings her/us joy. Nothing is better. So as I packed up our stuff for the hike I just wore sandals because I figured that it would be easy to hike in the sand barefoot because it was like 70 degrees out. I asked her about this as she ran off, and she said I would be fine, so I just went after her. After practically sprinting to catch up, we walked up to the dunes and began our trek to the top. Immediately I regretted my decision, while the weather was perfect, the sand was scorching!!! 🔥🔥🔥 And it was super hard to hike in the cheap sandals I had decided to wear. After about 45 minutes of hiking we had finally had enough. We almost made it, but the sand became unbearable on our feet, and the wind was challenging. But the view was spectacular, such a gem of a national park and the experience (especially on my feet😂) was unforgettable. This is just a perfect example of how we can get so caught up in the moment that we forget common sense at times. Another reason why life is so exciting with my lovely bride and why we love adventure so much. Was there ever a time when you were so wrapped up in the moment that you forgot something or did not read directions out of pure excitement? We always love hearing from you!! 


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