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Taking Down The Decor

Have you taken down your decorations yet? _____ This morning we got up bright and early thanks to Honey Bear 🍯🐻and started taking down our Christmas decor. _____ We listened to Christmas music for the last time for probably a while (we will see how long I stick with that) and then watched Home Alone as our place slowly transformed back to it’s normal state. _____ Everything’s nice, white and clean now, and I’m already excited for next December. _____ I feel a bit sad with decorations gone and the anniversary of my Pappy’s (grandpa) death, but I’m also feeling full of love thinking of all the wonderful memories made this holiday season and all the lessons I always remember from my Pappy. _____ Caleb and I reflected on our fav parts of this holiday season, we basically recounted the whole thing. One for sure was seeing family in Pittsburgh & LA. Ice skating with my sis and bro in law in downtown Pittsburgh was one of our highlights. _____ Do you get sad to take down the decor? What is one of your favorite memories from your holiday. Love hearing from you!


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