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Summer Fun Ideas

This summer is all about Joy and fun. And we have so many things that we are looking forward to doing together this summer. . Last week, we came out with a list of our favorite beaches that we frequent during the summer and the year. So today I thought that I might give some of our favorite little markets that we love to go to for flowers, treats, and activities. . 3 Los Angles Flower District - Monday-Saturday 6am-2pm This is an absolute must if you are a flower lover. Located in downtown Los Angeles, you can go here Monday through Saturday from 6am-2pm. They have pretty much any type of flower that you would ever want, and the prices are very reasonable. If you are a flower crown or flatly lover like me, this place comes in so clutch. Plus, it makes for a great date to go on together, or hang out with friends. . 2 Monrovia Street Fair - Friday 5pm-9pm We love the street fair in Monrovia. There are tons of things to do, there are play houses for the kids, even a petting zoo (which I love to jump in on), plenty to eat, and plenty of vendors with amazing crafts and items that you can buy. This is definitely one of our summer favorites to attend with Caleb’s parents and family. . 1 South Pasadena Farmers Market - Thursday 4pm-7pm The Farmers Market in South Pasadena is a definite must if you are looking for a smaller market with plenty of farm fresh produce, beautiful flowers, and local food favorites. We love grabbing some exotic flowers, dragon fruit, and a little ice cream as we stroll around viewing the different booths. This is a weekly staple for us in the summer and something we look forward to every year. You should check this one out for sure! . We hope that this list gives you a few options in the area that you can check out and have a fun time. Do you have any places or markets that you love to go to in the summer? We are always looking for new ideas! 


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