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Summer Cleaning!

This week has been all about spring (summer) cleaning. We completely transformed our studio upstairs to include a place for Caleb to work and so that we could declutter. We are by no means hoarders, so getting rid of things or donating them to worthy causes is something that we are totally okay doing. #likeittoknowit 

We actually didn’t plan on doing that this week, we planned to work on some other projects that we had going on, but once we get going on something we like to complete it. We definitely keep our place clean and orderly, so anyone who visits our place would probably wonder why we decluttered, but we just felt the need to make our place just a little more spacious and feel a bit more free from clutter. Another thing that we did this week was go through our clothes and shoes. Sometimes its hard with “situational” clothes to donate, but we have a general rule: if we haven’t worn it for a year its time for it to go. We had so much fun thinking of all the memories that we have had in different outfits over the years, and it actually made for quite a special time. The end result of our labor: 16 full trash bags of things that we were either donating or getting rid of. We are extremely happy with how our place looks and feels now and we are thrilled to have another thing checked off our list! One thing that we didn’t get to do yet this week is adventure. We are always looking for things to do each week, and we had a couple things planned, but because of our cleaning we did not get to do them. I guess being a grown-up can’t always be fun and games right? But we are excited to get out of the house and make a couple of beach trips this weekend! I need some more palm trees and crashing waves in my life! Do you like decluttering and cleaning your house? Any fun ideas to make it more fun? We always love hearing from you! 


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