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Set Aside or Set Apart?

Have you ever felt set aside/left out? I have felt like this time and time again throughout my life. Middle school I probably felt this way everyday. I had a best friend named Laura who moved away half way through the year in 6th grade. I was very shy and awkward and after she moved I sat alone at the lunch table. I remember trying to sit with girls and heard them talking about a party they were having. I asked if I could come and they said no. It was such a crushing time for me and I felt so utterly alone. Moments like these placed deep lies in my heart that I still struggle with today. While doing artistic activities or cleaning I love listening to audiobooks. Lysa Terkeurst’s book Uninvited spoke so many truths over me. Lysa talked about times she felt set aside, until she realized she wasn’t being set aside but being set apart. Set apart for something greater if she would allow it. To allow her to grow in compassion, kindness and understanding. That in those moments she could go to God for her worth and value and not to others. Our value and worth comes from the One who has made us, we don’t need to people please or prove ourselves. Those moments in middle school did a lot of good for me. I love including others, and have compassion and understanding that I wouldn’t have had if I didn’t face those lonely times. If you ever felt uninvited, set aside, or struggle with people pleasing I totally recommend that book! What do you think? We love to hear from you!


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