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Self Care

Happy Sunday, lovelies! Taking care of myself everyday is something I’m trying to get better at as an entrepreneur. And having self-care time is super important. Taking care of my hair, skin, nails etc. And also my mental health, getting time away from my phone and computer, hiking, spending time reading God’s words. What are some ways that you self-care that help rejuvenate your body/soul? A new self-care routine I’ve loved adding in @ThiqueHairCare #ThiqueHair #sponsered .ad #longhair #longhairstyles I have thin hair naturally and I’m wanting to try to keep my hair healthy. I also never dry my hair, and only use heat on it about once or twice a week. Not only do I notice my hair getting thicker from good shampoo and taking good care of it, I love the smell and way it makes my scalp feel. It’s sulfate free, paraben free, gluten free, hypoallergenic, vegan, safe for color-treated hair and not tested on animals. It’s made with natural plant extracts and the purest essential oils. THIQUE features an exclusive, anti-aging Amazonian Copaiba Oil Complex that soothes the scalp and builds hair proteins to resist breakage and further hair loss. You should check them out if you are worried about hair loss or wanting thinker hair @ThiqueHairCare. Caleb and I are also planning on going for a hike today, getting great time at church, spending time together and with God, and away from the constant hustle for a moment. What are some ways that you self-care that help rejuvenate your body/soul? Love hearing from you! 


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