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You are loved beyond measure

Queen Mary

“I believe we’re born with a God given dream in our hearts.” Commodore Everette of The Queen Mary ship said as I sat across from him at dinner on the ship. My eyes swelled with tears as I hung on every word, “I remember sitting on my dad’s lap as a small boy & dad saying to me, son, the Queen Mary and the Queen Elizabeth are the finest ships in the world.” The first time he saw their picture, he saw a small boy looking up at the ship and saw himself as that small boy. “I didn’t fit in with the other kids at school.” He didn’t have the same interests, while they talked about sports he talked about the ships. He had ‘learning disabilities’, when others were writing, he was drawing pictures of the Queen Mary and getting chastised for it from his teacher. But boy could he remember every last detail about those ships. ___ When everyone else doubted him, his parents believed in him, and his father, a postman from Alabama sold and sacrificed everything so they could travel to Long Beach, CA to see the Queen Mary. Everette got a basic job on the ship as they worked and clawed there way living in California . So many sacrifices were made, so many tiresome, difficult days and nights of barely getting by. But now his father can see him in his genius, what he was created for, living out his dream. Kids and teachers called him names, but now he’s respected and loved with a wealth of knowledge of the Queen Mary ship as Commodore. Helping others relive the ships history and reminding us of the beauty of sacrifice & dreams. ___ YOU and everyone is beautifully and wonderfully made for a unique and beautiful purpose on this earth to serve God and others in a tremendous way. I believe God’s given each of us our genius, even if others have tried to squash or judge your dream. ___ Caleb and I have been in the messy business of dream chasing. Us and our parents sacrificing so much to believe in us. We relate to the Commodore, and hope you get to meet this very inspiring man on the finest ship in the world some day too. “Each person is born with a God given dream in their heart,” what’s yours? ___ @VisitLB @LBconventionCTR #MeetinLB #ThisisLB #LBconventionctr 


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