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You are loved beyond measure

Purpose & Identity

Have you ever questioned your identity or purpose? I’m scared to share this, because it’s real vulnerable for me, but here’s hoping it blesses someone! 😳 I started an all in relationship with Jesus 10 years ago. About 6 years ago I was really questioning my name, my worth, my identity. A lot of Christians told me how their parents prayed to God and asked for guidance of what to name them to speak vision and purpose over their life. I was pretty sure my parents never did this, because they never talked about anything like that so I was curious if I had a purpose from the beginning of my life. So I went to a prayer night at a church I had never been to and didn’t know anyone. Some people started praying for me and one of them told me God was showing them a crown over my head. Then another person in another prayer room told me the same thing.  Then someone else that night looked up what Stefanie means and it comes from the Greek word meaning “Crown.”

👑 It all made sense to me then and I felt a wave of peace and purpose wash over me. Even though my parents might not have asked God for some grand revelation of what my name should be, He still had a purpose over my life from the beginning. He always saw me as His beloved child, made in His image. He’s the King of Heaven and He crowns His kids with love and belonging, You and me. 💕 When Caleb and I found out what are names meant together (Caleb means Unshakable) we just love everything that stands for. God’s unsurpassed love for each person can’t be shaken. He sees each of us as beautifully and wonderfully made for His purpose.  God makes beautiful things out of us if we let Him. We can walk into our true purpose and identity when we know who made us, trust that the plans for us are good & walk in His ways. 

I love this picture because it shows me with a crown and a wedding dress, we love being wedding photographers, showing that each person has beauty, and care so deeply about relationships. We keep going back to the purpose of this business/passion of ours. You are so dearly loved and made with a great purpose for good. Take that in, Friend! What do you think? Love to hear from you! 

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