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You are loved beyond measure

Prince and Princess

Did any of you get to see the royal wedding? Caleb here, bringing you into my world of fairytales, princes’s and princesses. I have to admit, I did not catch the wedding, but I do think that weddings big or small are so beautiful! There is something magical about the idea that a prince can meet his person, a princess. Out of all the people on the earth, they choose each other and enter into life together forever. I love the fact that there are actual prince’s and princess’s in the world. I think that the pageantry of it all is so beautiful, and that they get to find love is so amazing. A few weeks ago, Stefanie and I got to dress like a prince and princess for a photo shoot. @jdphotographyky reached out the he was coming to LA with a boutique @theloft_1 to do a shoot of some of their wedding dresses. This dress was my favorite, for obvious reasons! Stefanie looked unbelievably beautiful, it honestly took my breath away. It was so dreamy, flowy, and the perfect fit for my beautiful princess!

As prince and princess for the day, we felt as if we got to explore the castle together, reliving all the special moments we had there over the years together. From the many days and nights sitting under the trees, dreaming about our lives together, to our first ever dance on top of the walkway, eyes locked and falling deeper in love by the second. These memories will forever stay in our hearts. This picture is a great reminder for us to fall more in love each day, enjoy all the moments together and take every minute for what it is, and thank God for all that we get to do together. A couple years ago I never thought that we would have days like this, nor did I think we would be as in love as we are now, but when you trust God with everything, through the ups and the downs, He truly never disappoints. _____ Have you ever been to a real castle? Would love to hear from you! 


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