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Pictures Bring Up A Thousand Memories

We are loving the new addition to our wall from @touchnote!! Are memories important to you? For us, making memories is what started us on this journey of capturing and sharing content with all of you. We wanted to go and experience many things together, and be able to commemorate those special moments so that we could experience those feelings each time we look at our pictures.  

___ We have so many pictures in our home, but not of our newest adventures. Recently, we found this amazing brand @touchnote , they provide these beautiful gallery frames where you pick from your many photos and put together a visual masterpiece with the many options that they have online and on their app. ___ We were lucky enough to get this beautiful gallery frame of some of our amazing adventures from our Instagram page, it was so easy to pick them out, and have them be like our grid on our page. Aesthetically it fits perfectly with our home. Each time we take a look at these pictures we are reminded of the importance of capturing all those amazing memories, and how excited we are to experience many more. ___ What initially drew us in about @touchnote is the fact that you can easily pick a picture from your phone and be able to get a beautiful card, postcard, gallery frame, of that memory (took me less than 5 minutes). It was fun to look through the our photos to find the right ones to use, and the frame was sent to us in no time! You definitely should check them out and give them a follow! #MyTouchNote @touchnote #ad ___ How do you keep track of your memories? Love hearing from you! 


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