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Husband and wife  relationship coaches, travel and lifestyle bloggers

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⭐️ We’re really excited about the launch of our YouTube channel , Our 2nd video comes out today at noon, and this is a sneak peak! We get notifications with your name when you subscribe and it means so so much to us! ⭐️ Link in bio if you haven’t subscribed yet! Also, slide right to see the before picture until I added our presets. They are on sale right now!! (link in bio, or tap on the preset highlight circle.) ”A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” -Proverbs 17:22. It looks like I was super happy in this picture right? But the truth is, I had to work hard to choose joy this day. I live very far away from my family, and one of my family members got several weeks to live recently. I got to talk to all of my beautiful family on the phone, but my heart was so sad for what they’re going through and longing so much to be with them. Caleb and I had to switch our date idea, which was good because I was feeling melancholy. Thanks to some reminding from Caleb, I kept trying to choose gratitude and focus on the good, pure, lovely things. Like the misty rain falling on this mountain, time with my husband who keeps me laughing, getting to read devotionals together, all the sweet people on this app, the flowers in my hand, the cute new dress I’m wearing from @shopmoonriver. Some days choosing joy is easier than others, but focusing on little things I’m grateful for, even in the midst of sorrow really is good medicine. What’s are some little and big things you’re thankful for on this day specifically? Love hearing from you! ⭐️ And love for you to subscribe to our YouTube channel , we have some good stuff in store for you! 


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Hey, Friends! We LOVE our online family! It’s been amazing to connect to so many wonderful people online, and we can’t wait to connect more with you! We’re Stefanie and Caleb, husband and wife best friends and business partners. We love empowering others to have thriving relationships! We can't wait to connect to you!





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