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You are loved beyond measure

Our 5 Year Wedding Anniversary!

Today is our 5 year Wedding anniversary. Last night cozy in some blankets on our couch we watched our wedding video. So many emotions and memories flooded back, not just of our wedding day but of the last 5 years as well. The biggest emotions were love and gratitude. For God, Caleb and for friends and family, some that I miss so much because they live across the country or busy schedules, and we are so grateful for all the amazing, supportive people in our life. The love I had then for Caleb doesn’t come close to the love I have for him now. It hasn’t been an easy 5 years to say the least. We’ve faced a lot of difficult and frustrating times and challenges that we haven’t always handled perfectly, but the hard times have made us stronger together.   My marriage to Caleb is what I hold very most dear in my heart and also my relationship with Jesus. But they really go hand in hand, because the more I let the love of God fill me, the more I can love Caleb without selfishness. Thanks for loving me so well the last 5 years my love, my best friend, my prince and hero, Caleb. The vows we said that day hold so true and I promise it all again now.  You are the most precious, amazing, wonderful human in my life and you do show me more everyday how much God loves me. Marrying you and choosing you and God everyday is the best decision of my life. Happy Anniversary! 


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