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Olay Mist

Have you ever gotten a package in the mail that you couldn’t wait to open, only to find out that the contents were even BETTER than you expected? That was exactly the case when I opened this amazing box from @Olay which included their wonderful #OlayMists .  I am so excited to be partnering with Olay with their launch of their Ultimate Hydration Essence Mists. Their package included a Calming Mist with Aloe leaf and Chamomile, and a Energizing Mist with Vitamin C & Bergamot. ___ I was blown away when I opened the box with how beautiful and clean their packaging was, and how refreshing their mists made me feel. Not only was the packaging exceptional, and the products extremely high quality, but I seriously could not wait to share about how great these Mists are. #olay #ad #refresh #skincare ___ They are amazing for hydration, replenishing water loss during the day, they help to brighten skin and fortify skin’s moisture barrier. The Aloe and Chamomile Mist is great for calming and reducing inflammation, and the Vitamin C Mist revitalizes, refreshes, and energizes your skin to look bright and recharged. ___ These mists are seriously game changers for my skin, and I cannot wait to tell you more about the great results that I have been getting from using them. ___ Are you excited to try these new Hydration Mists from Olay? Because who doesn’t love more vibrant skin?! Let us know in the comments below! 


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