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You are loved beyond measure

New Thoughts

I remember crying hysterically in my pillow. Yet another relationship ended, and my heart was crushed. More than that, my hope was crushed. I felt like I was in an endless cycle of pain. Somewhere deep in my heart the aching question was throbbing “Is something just so wrong with me that no one can love me?” 

Have you ever had this thought? Maybe in a dating relationship or marriage that suddenly or slowing has felt lonely, maybe after one two many attempts at trying to find love and feeling rejected, unloved and alone instead. The sad reality is that without some major changes this frustrating cycle of pain and feelings of rejection will never end. Whether you give up, settle for someone less than you deserve, cut off your heart so to speak or you end up continuing to feel alone and unloved. So this sounds pretty depressing. And believe me, if you’ve felt anything like this, I feel your pain. This girl was me. So what stopped this vicious cycle in my life? One of the things was learning that the cycle I felt I was in… was actually brain pathways, something biological that could be changed. Our brains form pathways with thoughts, much like any habit that seems hard to break, it’s the same with thought patterns. When I started uncovering the reasons why some of these lies like “unlovable” were so stuck in my head, it helped me understand, place a new thought and start to claim a new loved identity. It also helps me give grace to myself in the times a negative thought runs wild. Instead of compounding my sorrow with already feeling “unlovable” and then being mad at myself for ever feeling that way, I’m able to give myself more grace. That’s why I’m SO passionate about our course “Your Life & Marriage To Its Full Potential.” I can’t wait to talk to you guys about getting you on this path to living your fullest life, claiming the identity of dearly loved. Click here to book a free call with me, that will be transformative. Have you ever felt that lie somewhere deep in your heart “Is something just that wrong with me that no one can love me?” Love hearing from you guys!! 


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