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Momma Kay's Painting

painting flowers

Do you have a favorite artist? My favorite has to be my mom in law, Kay Rouse. I call her Momma Kay. I remember the first time visiting the Rouse house being amazed at all her artwork hanging around their house. This one ☝️is one of my many favorites, it's hanging in our kitchen. She does this mix of collage and painting with layering that's amazing, I wish you could see all the crazy detail in it (you can zoom in to see some of it). Momma Kay is also a High School art teacher and Caleb and I have a great time creating little project at their house with her help. I'm always blown away by her creativity. We love going to her art shows and admiring the art work she blesses other with. She's planned and painted murals on mission trips to Nicaragua, has a mural in our nieces room, has her drawings on many frisbees for our uncle and aunt and even is helping us come up with a logo. She can make the best centerpieces, made us napkins with fabric from our wedding etc. 🎨 Kay is my favorite artist because her artwork reflects who she is in so many ways. She is so kind, colorful, and has so much depth and her work reflects that so well. You feel warm looking at her work and being around her. A lot of people would look at ripped up paper like it was trash, but she has wisdom in the big picture that all these messy things can be brought together to make something so gorgeous. She helps us see the bigger picture in life and can take a mess and help make it a masterpiece. I'm partnering with her to sell some of her art prints at my gift shop. My aunt just bought a pillow with this print on it and our Gramma Marcia has a mug with the print and they LOVE them! I will add more of her work soon but here is the link to our shop! Would love to know who your favorite artist is and why! It's a blessing to hear from you 😊


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