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Maroon Bells, Aspen CO

Who loves road trips? 🚗Two summers ago Stefanie and I embarked on an adventure of driving from Pasadena, CA to Pittsburgh, PA. We tried to see many sites and family on the way. We visited places in Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri and Ohio. One of our favorite spots was in Aspen, Colorado where we got to see this wonder pictured above. Maroon Bells was spectacular! It was one of those places where you sit there in awe of the beauty and creation of God. We went on a hike once there and climbed up through the aspen trees, edging closer and closer to the "Bells" as they call them. Then we reached it, snow. Now being from Southern California I am not accustomed to snow in the winter much less in the middle of the summer. Needless to say I was pumped! And if you know anything about my wife you could guess she was pretty excited as well (snow is her favorite thing). What came next was a beautiful moment together. Being alone, the two of us had the whole mountainside as our playground. We jumped over streams, slipped on ice, made snow angels and had a hilarious snowball fight, all in t-shirts and shorts I might add. It is a memory that I will never forget. It is a special place, we highly recommend visiting Maroon Bells, it will stun you. What is a place that was so beautiful it took your breath away? Always great to hear from you!


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