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You are loved beyond measure

Making the impossible, possible.

Do you still imagine the impossible? Christmas at Disneyland is magical. I decided this time I would really pretend and embrace each ride/ experience as if it were real and I was apart of that world. To really feel like I was one of the people in the town of Pirates of the Caribbean, to pretend I was visiting Ana and Elsa at their castle and Darth Vader was really integrating me. I imagined that I was part of Indiana Jones’ quest and waving to the princess's who got their happily ever after. Fairytales are my favorite. There’s something so right in my soul when good triumphs over evil, when the people get to live happily ever after and death is conquered. There’s something that is so fulfilling about these stories because it points us to the most real story, what our lives are made for. That’s the Christmas story, and it’s real. Good has won, death doesn’t have to separate us. Like Beauty and the Beast- Love has conquered the beast in us and can turn us into something beautiful. Like Sleeping Beauty- There is love so great that has come to break us from our sleeping spell and awaked us to a world that is unseen by many but realer than the world we are in. Christmas is about Jesus coming to bring light to the deep darkness we are in. We are completely helpless and unable to save ourselves, and He has come to save us. Jesus came in order to die for us. And the grave couldn’t hold Him, and with Him we can live forever. It’s what we've been hearing on the radio and in malls in the Christmas songs ‘Mild He lay His glory by, born that we no more would die, born to raise the sons of earth, born to give us second birth.’ This isn’t a fairytale. It’s the most real, transformative truth of my life, and makes the message of the fairytales I love true as well. Love has won, good has triumphed, there is peace because there doesn’t have to be fear in death and anxiety in life. We have One that loves us so much to save us as we are utterly helpless to save ourselves. Our King Jesus has come to bring light and truth to all people. Do you believe in the impossible?


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