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Life Is The Messy Bits

Life is the Messy bits. Caleb here again, taking over today’s post to share about my beautiful bride. The day that I laid eyes on Stefanie, I immediately fell in love. I fell in love with her beauty, both inside and out, there was something drawing me in towards her. Something that made me want to get to know her. I believe that it was the Lord telling me that this was the woman for me. I knew that day, that we were meant to be together and I was willing to wait however long it took in order to make that happen. ___ Every day since then, Stefanie has shown me new parts of the beautiful person that she is. I have learned the joy, the faith, the pain, the hurt, the dreams, the secrets, and the courage in her heart. Each day that I peel back another one of those layers, I realize just how lucky I am to be married to her. That she chooses me each and every single day. Its humbling, that given free-will, she would daily choose to love me despite all of my short-comings, issues, faults, and baggage. ___ I am almost in tears writing this because of the great times that we have had together. Living this life the best we can, and pulling through the hard times together. While there have been so many times of victory, joy, and success, we have also been met with times of pain, hurt, and sadness. Right now, we are in the midst of a season mixed with both. ___ It is so comforting to know the wife that I have, along with our Heavenly Father, are right there with me in these times, and I know that I am not alone. Looking at this beautiful picture of Stefanie twirling in this amazing dress, I think about the woman I married, both the dream-filled little girl she once was, and the amazing courageous woman of God she is now, and I am so thankful I get to love on her every day for the rest of my life. ___ One of our favorite movies, Letters to Juliet, has a line that says, “Life is the Messy bits.” And I truly believe that there is truth in that. And I am happy that the messy bits are a lot better with this one by my side. #liketkit ___ What helps you get through the messy bits in life? 


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