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You are loved beyond measure

Lake Louise

Adventures are thrilling! This summer we embarked on our greatest adventure to date, a four week road trip around the country. It started as a five day vacation planned to Minnesota and back, but turned into an epic journey with sights and experiences beyond our wildest dreams. One of the places we got to travel to was Banff in Canada 🇨🇦. It was THE most beautiful place that we had both ever seen. From white tipped peaks, to turquoise colored water, Banff was exciting and what we both think is the closest to heaven we will ever be on this earth. God blew our socks off in Banff. With the beauty of His creation revealed in the creation around us, we got to explore and enjoy this magical place together. It was a dream of ours to go there together and we ended up going on a whim (which added 24 extra hours of driving to our trip) but it was well worth every second we got to spend there. Disney may have the title for the most "magical place on earth" but Banff truly gave us the piece of heaven we were looking for. This is one of the shots that we got there, we both labeled it the "picture of the trip" since we both felt it captured the beauty and essence of the place, all the while showing the excitement and wonder of us getting to step in and explore it. What is your dream vacation location? We always love hearing from you! 


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