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Kitten Allergies

cute kitten calico

This is Snickers up close and personal and Reese's’ in the back soon after they got off the plane from us rescuing them from the streets of Pittsburgh.

I love animals but I was never what people would call a “cat” person. I actually did my best to stay away from cats because I’m allergic. But we fell in love and the rest is history.

These two have been a blessing over the last 6 months in so many ways and have kept me company as I’ve worked 12 hour days on our company day after day.

But someone who has a cat please tell me… how often do they shed (like a lot of hair)? Like I said I’m allergic, plus I’m a clean freak so I give them baths regularly and brush them, vacuum every other day and they stay away from our upstairs. I think last night their winter coat was shedding like crazy and with the combo of seasonal allergies my one eye was so swollen and I couldn’t stop sneezing. 🤧Haha. The kittens aren’t too fond of me cutting their nails and bathing them so it always gets a little stressful and interesting. Animals are cute but they sure are a lot of work! But then I look at this cute face.


Any advice of keeping the hair away from me and my allergies at bay? I might start getting allergy shots because I’m allergic to SO many things. Has that worked for any of you if you have allergies?

Love to hear from you! 😻


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