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Is She A Dog? Parrot? Hedgehog?

Honey Bear 🍯🐻is often perched on my shoulder like a parrot. She’s my first ever dog, and wow, I had no idea how much work a puppy would really be! She’s so worth it though. Yesterday I was doing laundry which is in a room in our apartment building. I hold my laundry bag with both hands and she is perched on top. It was so full, plus I was carrying the detergent, keys, quarters, and she’s sitting on top. Licking my face and neck like crazy making me laugh hysterically because it tickles. She’s obsessed with being right next to Caleb and I all the time. She’s the hit of our town and makes so many new friends (people) all the time.  Her fav food are blueberries and she looks ridiculously small when I bathe her. She’s super smart and sneaky. She thinks it’s the best game ever to steal all my socks and hair clips. It’s so fun to have an extra little companion on many of Caleb and my adventures. She’s great at hiking and LOVES the sand, and then falls asleep in Caleb’s arms or on top of his chest at the beach. It’s really the cutest thing ever. What’s something cute one of your animals is up to lately? Love hearing from you! 


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