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You are loved beyond measure

⚡️ I was terrified the spark would fade. ⚡️

⚡️ I was terrified the spark would fade. ⚡️ This man right here is my favorite human on the planet, and the blessing he is to me everyday astounds me. I can remember 20 years ago, 10 year ago, 6 years ago being terrified of the idea of marriage. I was so scared that over time the person I would marry would love me less or I would love him less. That the ‘spark’ would die and be left with nothing. People chase the spark, ⚡️ but when arguments and stress come into the relationship, the spark can quickly fade and lead people to search for that spark in other places. I was terrified of this happening with Caleb and I. But after over 5 years of marriage I love him, and he loves me more than ever. Is it because we’re an anomaly? The stress and hardships of life unmoving to us? NOPE! It’s because we both know that love is also a verb. It’s a choice. It’s an attitude. We’ve come to many crossroads over the last 5 years to choose bitterness, resentment, distance, unforgivienes in our marriage, OR to choose love, peace, forgiveness. God is the most important part in our marriage. He’s held us together when we’ve both been at the end of our rope and had nothing left to give. When the stress of changing jobs, finances, living situations, death of loved ones, disagreements could have torn us apart we choose God. We choose love, forgiveness and learning and growing to become better for each other (even if that means big sacrifices). 

And we want to keep choosing those things. It’s a very active choice every single day to sacrifice our needs for the sake of each other. To love each other above ourselves. To seek God and make the decision to understand and not let bitterness grow. 

📷 : @emily.magers And making these decisions everyday is more than worth it. My heart, understanding, passion, admiration for this man has grown continually.  Do you see love as a verb, an attitude? ❤️How can you choose to become better and not bitter in you most important relationships today? Love hearing from you!👇🏼 


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