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You are loved beyond measure

I Don’t Want To Miss A Moment With You

“I don’t want to miss a moment with you.” I frequently say this to Caleb. _____ But lets me honest, with all the distractions this world has to offer, it’s easy to miss moments with the people we love. But I’ve been learning over the last couple years to be more present in whatever moment I’m in. It might not be my ideal place to be, but if I can’t change it, might as well seek the beauty in whatever that moment has to offer. _____ In this moments I’m sick on the couch, typing on my laptop, surrounded by healthy food and drink with the hopes of feeling better soon, with Honey Bear jumping around next to me. I got to hear the soothing sound of rain on our roof this morning which is a rarity in Los Angeles. _____ After being with Caleb non-stop for the last 18 days straight, I don’t think we spent longer than 5 minutes apart. He’s back to his day job (he works as a history teacher and athletic director). Caleb and I got to work a lot on our company over break, and I’m so grateful to have our company full time, even on days I’m sick so I can still work from home. I sure miss him, I get so used to counting on him for so many things and then our schedules switch all up again, but I’m learning to see the beauty in this moment too. Just being in his presence is everything to me, but I’m so grateful for what an amazing job he does as a teacher & athletic director and him working so hard for this little family of ours. _____ If I could choose any moment to be in right now, a top pick would be where we are in this picture, in Erie, PA.  We got to play in 5 feet of snow a little over a week ago. We had to be out for short periods of time, then would warm ourselves back up in the car because it was about 10 degrees outside. We got Starbucks twice to stay warm and had to change socks because the snow came in under our boots. We walked around mitten hands in hand listening to Christmas music about snow, Jesus and joy. Seeing all that white snow and the beautiful blue sky with my love was a dream to me, since snow is one of my favorites. _____ What’s something beautiful about the moment you’re in right now, or a recent moment you enjoyed? Love to hear from you! 


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