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How to Road Trip Safely During the Pandemic

Safe as possible road trip? In June when things had calmed down a bit and everything was opening up again, Caleb and I decided last minute to do a road trip. To be honest, I was super nervous. We had been quarantined for 4 months and I was used to that routine of safety we had created for ourselves. It was a romantic time together, full of growth in our marriage, sweet simple days and really enjoying and cherishing the little things. Other than our 5 mile walk early in the morning, we were at home working from our office, playing lots of games at night and hanging out with Honey Bear, the bunnies and each other.

But we decided to take the leap to do the road trip because I missed my family so much (they live in Pennsylvania) and my baby nephew.

We drove from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh, making some really gorgeous stops along the way. This place, Arches National Park, is a favorite of ours we got to visit. Caleb & put together a little road trip travel guide for you today. As we were driving back from Pittsburgh, PA to Los Angeles things started getting worse again and everything was closing again. But I know a lot of you asked about our road trip, so I wanted to put information together for you for when you feel like it’s a safe time for you to travel again. Let us know what questions you have. We took a different route home, and got to visit more amazing places, so let us know if you want us to do a travel guide for that one too.

It’s such a weird time, but I hope that the safety tips we shared will allow you to travel safely when you feel it’s the right time for you.

This guide lays out not only our favorite travel locations for our way out to the East Coast, but also how to travel in a way that is the most safe. If you are looking for how to travel during Covid-19, this is the guide for you!



We went back and forth on whether we should fly or drive across the country, and with little information at the time (and even now) about the possible transmission of the virus, we decided to drive. The main reason being that there are many more things we could control with driving. We would be in our own space, we wouldn’t have to sit next to anyone we didn’t want to and honestly we could limit the interactions (and possible spread of the virus) significantly by just avoiding most people as we went about our trip. For these reasons, we decided to drive. Trust us, it was well worth it!



Be sure to avoid speeding. Not only is this not safe for you or the other drivers on the road, but the law enforcement are aware of people speeding on highways throughout the country and they WILL pull you over and ticket you to make sure the highways stay safe. Having these types of interactions not only are unsafe for the virus, but they cause you to loose precious time on the road, so be safe while you drive and try to avoid going too fast. The last thing you need is a speeding fine!



Gas stations can be problematic for many reasons during a pandemic, but if you take the right safety precautions, you can at least keep the exposure levels down while you make a necessary stop. We both would put on our masks, as well as gloves as we got gas from the pump. Using sanitizer on our credit card after we used it as well in order to keep things as clean as possible. A mask is a must when entering the gas station for the restroom or food. We would advise wearing gloves as well. Assume that others are not as careful as you are being (they definitely are not) so try not to touch things you don’t need to, and make your trip inside as quick as possible. Use sanitizer once you get back into the car, then be on your way. You can obviously do whatever you like or what you are most comfortable with. The best thing is for you to be safe and feel comfortable.



If you need to make a quick restroom stop or to stretch your legs. Be sure to have your mask and sanitizer read at all times when around other people. When you have to go inside to use the restroom, wear your mask and gloves to avoid contact with surfaces that could be dirty. The more careful you are, the less likely you will contract anything. Again, being safe, comfortable, and respectful of others is the most important.



For the best chance of avoiding interactions, we advice against eating out as much as possible. The more meals that you can prepare on your own and bring on the trip, the safer it will be. We borrowed a 48 quart cooler from our family, and packed it with ice to keep all of our food cool throughout the drive. Not only did it make it easier for us not to have to stop for food, but it was convenient to be able to eat meals in the car, or if we saw a beautiful sight on the side of the road, we could stop for a quick meal. Some food ideas that we have to bring are: hard-boiled eggs (in a carton), fruit like apples, bananas, grapes, something salty like chips or popcorn, and we even cooked some seasoned chicken on our stove before we left and had it in a glass container which we ate for dinner a couple of nights. Though the food was cold, we enjoyed these meals as it provided a way for us to be fed and feel safe.

Once you run out of food, try finding a grocery store to re-stock, or order ahead at any restaurants that you either have been to before on a previous trip, or that might be in a city that you are passing through. Be mindful of when everyone gets hungry, and try to plan ahead for places that you are comfortable ordering from, and have your food prepared so that you can just pick it up on your way. We ended up ordering some take-out from a few different places which allowed us to eat in our own environment and which is how we felt the safest. We highly recommend cleaning the box/bag and containers that your food comes in.



This is where things can get a little tricky. As you are road tripping across the country you have roughly four options for staying overnight. You can, stay in a hotel, stay at a camp site, stay with friends or family, or sleep in your car. We like to stay in hotels when there is no option for family. When looking for a hotel to stay, check reviews for recent stays (especially ones during the pandemic) so that you can see how people’s experiences went with cleanliness. We only book hotels that have over four stars in reviews and have mostly positive reviews for pandemic stays. Once arriving at your hotel, keep your mask, gloves, and sanitizer handy while checking in. They should have clean pens for you to use (maybe even sanitizer) but try not to lean on any counters, or get too close to others in line while you are waiting. Make sure to clean your credit card and ID off before you put them back into your wallet.

We have had plenty of practice with the next part of our guide as we have been doing this for years, but we always clean our hotel room before we get settled in. This helps us feel the most comfortable, and feeling safe for our stay. We always check the bed for hair or any debris from previous stays, and we use wipes or spray to clean all of the counters, doorknobs, light switches, tv controllers, and the room phone. These are the most used surfaces, and often times housecleaning can miss those highly used areas of the room. Once we do this (it takes 10-15 minutes) we get settled in and take a shower. Staying in a room where someone else could have stayed the night before is a bit tricky, but if you take the necessary precautions, not only will you feel safer, but it gives you the best chance not to contract the virus.