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How Do You Feel About How I Feel!

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How do you feel about how I feel?

I wish I could always remember to say this when it’s really the question I want to know from my husband, Caleb.

Usually I ask, after pouring out my heart to him, “what do you think.” He then goes on to answer that question. What he thinks is full of wisdom and mature thinking. But that’s not the real question I wanted him to answer. I want to know how he feels about how I feel. When I ask the right question, he gives me a different response. One that for me, makes me feel more seen, heard and loved.

He usually says “I feel really sad for you that you’re feeling sad about that, it must be so hard to feel that way.”

WOW! Breakthrough! I no longer feel crazy about my emotions, but feel heard, seen and loved! When I feel heard, seen and loved in my life I can begin to again think about things rationally rather than out of a place of pain. But first, I need to be met on an emotional level. I need to be seen on that deep intimacy level. To be loved even in the midst of not processing everything perfectly. Can you relate at all?

You guys, Caleb and I are so excited to share with you something we’ve been working on for over a year. It’s a Breakthrough in Relationship course and we want you to be the first to know about it.

SIGN UP and get the first updates and FREE things we’re sharing! Cause who doesn’t want more love and breakthrough in their most important relationships?!

I feel excited to get this thing rolling, how do you feel about how I feel? 😂 👇Share with someone who might relate and loves to get healthier relationships!

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