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Happy New Years Eve!

As we approach the new year, we look back at yet another year filed with victories, defeats, laughter, sadness, joy, pain, and change. 2016 was a year completely filled to the brim with different changes for us. We started our new company and I started a new teaching job in hopes of pursuing our passions. And as many of you know from experience it is not always the easiest. But as I sit here a year removed from 2015 one word comes to mind for 2016, BREAKTHROUGH. This year we have gone through the ringer but one thing has remained, the hope we have in Christ. And He has brought us breakthrough in the midst of trials. Through Him we have victory and because of Him I am so thankful for the experiences of 2016 and how they have shaped us as a couple and formed us into the people we are heading into 2017, full of joy, hope and love which comes from knowing Jesus. I am ever so grateful for the love and patience that I receive daily from my wife, it inspires me to keep pushing, to keep moving forward and beyond to pursue all that God has called us to. We are looking forward to this new year because we have hope and we have had BREAKTHROUGH this past year and it's going to help us make this new year great. What are you looking forward to for 2017? We always love hearing from you! Have a Happy New Years! 🎉🎊


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