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Happy Birthday Stefanie!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEFANIE ROUSE! Caleb here, performing an Instagram post takeover from my wife today because today is her birthday. And a husband needs to brag on his wife every now and again!! This is my favorite day of the year as it marks the day that God brought my favorite person in the entire earth to this world. So I wanted to write a post dedicated to the amazing person that she is! _____ I never believed in or thought I would be someone who believed in love at first sight. But the first time I laid eyes on Stefanie, I knew she was the woman I wanted to marry. I’ll never forget her in one of her sun dresses worshipping away to the Lord at church. This is so much a part of who she is and what she represents. _____ Stefanie is the most incredible person that I have ever met. I have not met a single person that has had to overcome so much that still is so grateful and such a light to the world. She has such a heart for other people (honestly to a fault) and is so empathetic towards their particular situations and truly wants to bring them truth and peace. _____ Stefanie always wants to bring the darkness to the light and is such a lightbringer to all that she encounters. I respect and adore this woman so much for her beautiful heart. Each and every single day I am so thankful that God Blesses me with her presence. _____ Stefanie, you are the woman of my dreams. You make me so completely happy and I am so looking forward to our forever together. I love you. Happy birthday! _____ Let’s wish Stef a happy birthday today by hitting her with some 🎈🎈🎈. Who is someone you want to celebrate today? Love hearing from you! 


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