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Growing Our Marriage

When you feel God call you to something, saying YES can be life changing.  Caleb felt that pull from God to get away from the hustle of life and go into the mountains. It was all on short notice, but we both said yes, and was the best couple days. We weren’t even looking for a marriage retreat, but it’s just what we needed. Since August, it’s been a very difficult transition back to Caleb’s day job. We took on just enough work for two people to handle together in our company this past summer, and with Caleb gone and exhausted from teaching, figuring out how to make it all work, and not let every ball drop has been a real challenge for us. There are so many decisions to make in our company and marriage and it can get stressful. At times, we took the stress out on each other and felt the weight of it all in our lives and marriage. This retreat we had the best conversations, such sweet memories made, and learned and have started incorporating more valuable lessons on having a thriving marriage. No one has a perfect marriage, but they shared with us that each marriage is either growing or getting worse, and going on this retreat was such a blessing to help it grow. Gary Chapman the writer of The Five Love Languages, a personal hero of mine, was the speaker. Reading his book for the first time 11 years ago changed my life.  I realized some people in my life really loved me, they just showed it in a different love language than me, and I was able to start to receive their love (my wonderful dad for example).

Pulling out new gems from Chapman sharing about that, and then learning even more about the apology languages helped identify ways Caleb and I can keep having better communication and show each other more love. I’ll be sharing more about what I learned in our stories soon, and future posts. Caleb and I want to make this a yearly thing, and our prayer is to always grow in our marriage. What’s a way you’re intentionally growing in important relationships in your life? Love hearing from you! 


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