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You are loved beyond measure

God's Love: Deeper Than The Ocean

Have you ever looked out into the ocean and gasped at how stinking huge it is? I mean it goes on and on and on. I stare at it and think how deep it is and how many different kinds of creatures live in there. It’s gorgeous. It always makes me think of the greatness of God’s love for us. God’s love is deeper and wider than all the oceans put together. That’s way too much for me to comprehend. He loves you even more than the deepest ocean. That’s a lot of love. Praying you have a deeper understanding of how very loved you are today. This is one of me and Caleb's favorite places. He took me to eat at a restaurant here after he proposed. It was also one of my grandpa's favorite places, he would visit family here, and it always makes me think of him. Where is your favorite place?


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