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Gina's Bridal Shower

🎊One of my best friends Gina is getting married, and I’m beyond grateful to be her Matron of Honor!!! 💍I had the gift of throwing her bridal shower last weekend, and thanks to Coterie Party the celebration was extra gorgeous! 🎊

Coterie Party has the cutest decorations for any celebration! We all felt like princesses. 👑🌸 Check out all the details of the bridal shower below, and Brian's proposal to Gina at the bottom!

So grateful for all the lovely ladies in attendance!

Thank you to: Sheri Creger & family for their gorgeous home, yard & all their help. Alex Creger you were so helpful with the set up. Marisa Barone, thank you so much for the adorable drinks, helping with set up & the money donation to make this party a success!

Amy Wright, Stephanie Bautista, Gloria, Heather Harvey, thank you for donating money to make this party extra amazing! Joan Wright thanks for providing the other drinks!

Rejoice with those who rejoice, mourn with those who mourn. I believe this is a key to healthy friendship. Unfortunately in many relationships jealousy, selfishness, or just timing etc. get in the way of being there for one another when the seasons don’t line up.

Only the extraordinary friendships last the test of time, trials, & seasons changing. Even when our seasons haven’t lined up, we’ve cheered each other on or were a shoulder to cry on. I’m more & more grateful for those forever friends like Gina who we’ve been with each other through the rejoicing & mourning & have prayed, laughed, cried, celebrated, supported each other in all times.

Gina & I have been through a lot of life together the last 8 years. We met at Fuller Seminary, both from the East Coast trying to navigate living life across the country from our family, and the very different way of life Los Angeles living is. She’s been a prayer warrior for me & Caleb’s relationship & business. ❤️I’ve prayed for her to meet & marry Brian for so long & my heart is in bliss for them to get married in July!

I’m so thankful for all the friends I’ve had in all different seasons in my life, they’ve taught me a lot. But I’m especially grateful for those gem friendships in my life like Gina’s. I’m SO grateful that I get to cheer on & rejoice with Gina & Brian in this amazing season of their life! Let’s rejoice with Gina today! 🎊Who are you rejoicing with today? Love hearing from you!

Check out their adorable proposal here!

Disclosure: Coterie Party supplied some of these decorations for free, opinions stated are my own.


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