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Gift Ideas for Dog Owners | Purina Discovery Box

Do you know anyone whose furry friend is like a family member to them? This is the perfect Gift Idea for a dog owner this holiday season. The Purina Discovery Box includes five of Purina’s finest treats along with toys and on-the-go accessories.


I love this time of year & love the holiday treats; Christmas Ham, Turkey, Pumpkin Pie, etc. I’m always tempted to share some of our feast with Honey Bear. While its hard not to, giving pets scraps can cause immediate or long-lasting health problems (bones in the meat, the sugar or chocolate etc). That’s why I am partnering with Purina this holiday season to bring all the holiday foods that we enjoy in the form of tasty treats & meals which are extra special for Honey Bear.

Purina & Purina Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Kurt Venator, DVM, PhD, have gathered some pet-friendly holiday feeding ideas to make these seasonal feeding moments extra special for you & your pet. Dogs can still enjoy seasonal treats like natural, canned pumpkin & holiday puppy treats.


Purina Discovery Box

What’s great is that you can go to Purina’s website and pick out one of their Holiday Goodie Boxes.

There are two options that you can choose from:

The Discovery Box, which includes five of Purina’s finest treats along with toys and on-the-go accessories.

The Beggin’ Box includes Five lip-smacking Beggin’ treats along with toys and on-the-go accessories. Honey Bear has been loving each of the new holiday treats she has tried!


Our Top Choice: The Discovery Box

The Discovery Box from Purina is the perfect gift idea for a dog-lover this holiday season because of the variety that it provides and the pet-friendly options that are available to you in the package.


What’s Inside:

DentaLife ActivFresh Treats: These treats clean your pup’s teeth and helps with bad breath. Their proprietary active ingredient blend of all-natural spiralina and honey fight odors at the source.

Purina Busy Bone: These treats are the paw-fect size for small and medium adult dogs. Twisted and ridged bone shape offers an appealing texture that keeps dogs busy and helps prevent destructive chewing. They provide a long-lasting gnawing experience to satisfy a dogs chewing instincts.

Honest to Dog: These are natural dog treats. They are rich in protein and are grain-free so that they are easy on digestion for most dogs. The limited ingredients are great for dogs with allergies or have sensitive stomachs (like Honey Bear).

Beggin’ Strips: Made with real bacon. Yes, even your dog can savor the taste of real bacon. What we love is that they are softer and easy to chew for dogs. They are lower in calories, which is nice to help your puppy/dog stay healthy.

Busy Chewnola: These are great treats and take after the human version of granola. There are three layers of hearty chew which are tasty as your puppy makes its way through all of the different layers of goodness. The inner layer is reef beef hide that dogs love to savor and chew.

Toys & Accesories:

Yellow Ball Launcher - great for playing catch in the yard.

Chew Toy - Tug-of-war favorite toy for all pups.

Dish - for water on the go.

Doggy Bag dispenser.

Price: $36.00 - On sale right now for $27.00 plus an additional 10% off if you buy three or more!


This box is a great deal for a person looking for the perfect gift idea for dog lovers this holiday season. With five of Purina’s finest treats, this is a bargain for any dog lover, and a wonderful Christmas gift.


This Christmas I’m spending time with my Pittsburgh family. I am bringing these tasty treats along so that we can enjoy all of the holiday meals together. Honey Bear is licking her lips over all of the yummy things Purina has to offer which are so good for her. We are thankful for all of these moments together, and happy that we can all celebrate with each other for each and every meal.

Is your furry friend like a family member to you? Love hearing from you!

FTC: This post is sponsored by Purina. However, all opinions stated are our own.


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