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Farm Life- Daniel and Cristina

Do you love farms? I do!!! My sister and bro in law have the coolest farm! Cristina and Daniel- These two AMAZE me! Two of the most determined, hardworking people, who also know how to have a good time. This sister of mine has been my best friend for a long time. This girl has my back, literally. (Like when we were kids I would have a special knock on the wall and she would come and rub my back for me, yes I’m ridiculous, and yes she is sweet.) My sister is brilliant, but always had to work extra hard because of struggles with dyslexia. She worked her butt off to graduate from Penn State early and get her Dr. in Physical Therapy. She overcame many obstacles to pass her boards but came out on top and is so loving serving senior citizens with her PT skills. My bro in laws life story is ridiculous. He’s been through some crazy tough situations, but has turned out to be such an amazing man and husband to my sister. They bought a farm two years ago that needed a lot of TLC. They have put in WORK!! Dan is so handy, and seems to be able to build/fix anything. Their house, yard, barn, ponds etc. have all been transformed. It’s GORGEOUS. I’m obsessed with them, the farm and all their animals and wish I could be there everyday. If only it weren’t 2,500 miles away. So grateful for this wonderful couple, who I get to call family. What's your favorite farm animal?


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