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Fairy Floss

Who else wants some Fairy Floss?? I recently discovered that in Australia 🇦🇺 they call what we know in the US as cotton candy, FAIRY FLOSS!! Why have I missed out on this my whole life?🤣

We love learning new things about other cultures, and so fun when we can relate it to ours. Now while I think our version may describe it a little bit more accurately, the Australian version is definitely more fun! One of our favorite things to do is find new treats that we can enjoy together, and this one from @straycatkitchen does not disappoint. I mean, can it get any better than ice cream surrounded by fairy floss? 🍦 We love living in a place that has new things to discover each day. We are always finding ways that we call things by different names from LA and Pittsburgh. What I call a pop, Caleb calls soda. Or what I know as hoagies, he calls a sub sandwich. Even something as simple as a gum band, he knows it as a rubber band or what I call sweeping he calls vacuuming. It’s so funny how simple things can have such different names. 🤣 Do you have anything you call by a unique name? Ask us about it, and let’s see the difference! 


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