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Dreaming and Nightmares

Do you have nightmares? _____ It’s so funny watching our animals sleep sometimes. We can tell when they’re dreaming and Caleb and I tell each other what we think they’re dreaming about. _____ I dream a lot, and remember them most nights. I have a lot of fun dreams where I’m flying in the clouds holding Caleb’s hand or on some crystal clear blue water with him. Those dreams are great. Sometimes I get specific dreams from God. I have spiritual warfare dreams where I start praying and reciting scripture in order to fight against evil. _____ I hate nightmares though. I’ve had them since as young as I can remember. The first time Caleb experienced one of these from me was a couple weeks after we got married. He was so freaked out by me screaming at the top of my lungs in the middle of the night. He sometimes is able to stop the screaming because he can tell, and wakes me up before I start my blood curdling screams. My dreams are so realistic that it takes me a long time to calm down, and many times stay up the rest of the night because of how terrifying the dream was. _____ I had some PTSD symptoms after some things that happened to me in the past which I attribute to the nightmares. _____ Although they happen a lot less than they used to, it’s still so scary. It takes me/us a while to calm down. Prayer has helped significantly. _____ Do you ever have nightmare’s? Do you See your animals dreaming?Are you someone who remembers your dreams? It’s so interesting to me, I can’t wait to hear from you! 


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