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Dream Come True: Finally in a Wedding Dress

The crowded church rose to their feet and tears in many eyes including mine as the song played for the bride to walk down the isle. Chills went through the room, It was as if we all time traveled to 30 years earlier in that moment because we all could see the bride and grooms faces as in love and joyful as newlyweds.

“I think I’m in a dream,” exclaimed this beautiful woman. After 30 years of marriage Jose and Pilar walked out their dream of a wedding day. Never in a wedding dress, shocked to be in a suit, this couple’s aspiration to get married before God, family, and friends is a reality. A real princess and love story before us all, had to restore even the hardest heart that love does exist, that love can last and that because of God all things are possible.

Through hardships and many trials this couple raised a beautiful family and legacy. They’ve sacrificed so much and worked so hard to provide for their family, and finally getting the special day they so deserved. The hugs and love Caleb and I received made us feel part of the family and these moments will be treasured forever. What a blessing to be apart of this glorious day! Check out some more pictures.


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