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You are loved beyond measure

"Do You Love Me?"

One of my main goals in life is to make my wife feel special and loved. I pride myself on how far I can possibly go to prove to her that she is my everything and that I adore her. Sometimes in a cute way Stefanie will ask me, "do you love me?" And my response is always a confused and perplexed version of, " baby, of course I love you." We read a nightly devotional which is based off of the movie fireproof, which gives a devotional about relationships and a few verses or a "challenge" to put into practice for that week. Lately, it has been all about giving up ourselves for our mate. I think this is the most challenging part of relationship for couples. People like doing "their" thing, hardly wanting to give in to the desires or needs of their mate. Yes it's easy when you are in a dating relationship, but when you are living together in a marriage it is a whole new ballgame. You are there for the everyday, and sometimes you don't want to be present everyday. At times, doing things that Stefanie needs or wants can become so second nature to the point that I don't put thought into it or a heart behind it. This week and weekend I am challenged to be more present in my actions and to provide a life for her where she can see through my actions and my words that I am saying, "yes of course I love you, my sweet princess." To lay down my life for her like Christ laid down His life for the church is what I am going for. Now I definitely cannot save the sins of the world, or rise from the dead. But what I can do is sacrifice some of my own selfish desires, and live a life of sacrifice and love to my wife and her specific needs. That does not mean I give up all of my wants/desires/dreams, but rather that I am willing to lay some of that aside to provide the love she needs for her own wants/desires/dreams. This is a challenge at times, not because I don't love her, but because I can be absent minded at times with everything going on in life. I get home from a long day and all I want to do is turn my brain off. I struggle with being present at times, in the moments of everyday life. My hearts desire is to serve my God with my whole heart, and to provide a caring home and life for my wonderful wife. Sometimes I need to put my tired and weary heart before God and let Him restore me so that I can be the man that my wife needs on a daily basis. Today and everyday I learn to love her more and more, and I always am up for finding new ways to show her that I'd give her any and everything of me in order that she feel loved and desired. What is a way that you are being challenged right now? We always love to hear your stories. 


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