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Do Clothes Hold Memories For You?

Certain clothes hold memories and emotions for me. I think of the things I did and the moments I had while wearing them. This jacket brings back good memories for me...Walking into a beautiful store and my husband telling me I look so pretty in this jacket and that he wanted to buy it for me for the new school year while we were in Mammoth 2 summers ago. I felt so special in that moment. My boo driving us to school listening to worship music while I put on my makeup, the sense of connection and purpose I felt getting to do ministry with my husband. Standing in front of classes of students, praying for them & the excitement for all the amazing plans and gifts and value I saw in each of the kids sitting in the classroom. The urgency and obligation I felt to want each of the kids God put before me to know how very special they are and longing for them to know they were loved and not alone. Thinking of their beautiful, meaningful projects the students made and how proud I was of them. Thinking of my husband bringing me a snack during the days, getting to have lunch together, those treasured moments of working for a greater purpose. One of our favorite times were after school where we would talk with his students or my students or both and building life-long relationships with them. I miss our students like crazy (you know who you are). And I miss working with my husband day in and day out. But I'm so grateful for new adventures and new memories like being with my sweet husband in this pic and practicing for our photography business. Feeling overwhelmed in all I have to learn, but excited for the potential and hope of getting to bless people, help others feel valued and getting to make the special days of their lives better. Do clothes hold memories for you? We love hearing from you guys!


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