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Crown of Beauty

Crown of beauty

Are you carrying any thorns with you today, friend? Things that pierce your heart and mind and cause you pain? Do you ever feel like you miss the mark or am I alone in this? Jesus on the cross was given a crown of thorns to wear. He had nails pierce His hands and He took the weight of each of the ways we’ve missed the mark upon Himself. He conquered sin and death and rose in glory out of the greatest love for each of us. And then He gives us His glory and encompasses us with love. Doesn’t it feel so humbling when someone loves you and believes in you even after they know you’ve messed up? That unconditional love and worth spoken over us is what we long for. To be free of shame, unforgivenss, comparison and self-hate. I can’t tell you, friend how many times I’ve missed the mark. I can keep falling short and let lies overtake me at times. But God keeps giving me beauty instead of ashes. That’s why we are called Unshakable Crown. It’s the meaning of Caleb and I’s names. Stefanie means Crown and Caleb means Unshakable. And it just so happens that Unshakable Crown is our mission and purpose in life. To look to the One whose crown is unshakable. To remember for ourselves and to encourage others that we have One on our side that continually gives us His crown of beauty. He promises as we trust in Him that He’ll make our crown of beauty unshakable as well. Jesus hands us a crown so unshakable that mistakes, changes in health, wealth or relationships, aging and even death can’t take our crown of beauty He’s given us. Oh wow does that sound good to me! How about you?


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