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Couples Getaway Guide to Park City, Utah

Couples Getaway Guide to Park City, Utah

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Park City, Utah

We had the most wonderful time in Park City, Utah this summer. This city is nestled up in the mountains just east of Salt Lake City, Utah. It is a beautiful city, known for the famous Sundance Film Festival as well as amazing ski slopes which blanket the area. Park City is much more than a weekend getaway, it is a place to get lost in the beauty that rivals places like Switzerland and Canada.

We wish we could have stayed longer to explore the many places that the city had to offer, but in our short visit we were able to see just a glimpse of why this is such a special place.

I wanted to give you four categories of Where to eat, where to stay, where to explore, and where to walk around in this beautiful city based on our experience there. I hope that you are able to see jus how special this place is.

Where to Eat:

We ate at the Tekila Mexican Grill and Cantina in their Main Street area. This restaurant is on the second floor of the building which has both stair and wheelchair access from the street. They boasted a variety of items on the menu including Gluten Free options which I needed. We both ended up ordering their street tacos, and they were superb. They had an amazing Taco Tuesday option which made the meal quite affordable. We absolutely loved the food, and the vibe of the place. And it really helped that the view from their porch really gives you a feel for the beauty of the area.

Where to Stay:

We actually stayed at the Silver King Hotel by All Seasons Resorts which was about 5 minutes from the down town area. This hotel was the perfect stay and can be a great option for families or couples looking for a getaway. Our room was a Studio Suite which was only $108 (a very reasonable price) and provided everything that we needed. Including a full-size kitchen, his/hers bathroom area, and a living room with a sofa, dining table, and Queen Size bed. We had plenty of space to relax, spread out, and enjoy our stay.

Where to Explore

If you have a knack for getting outdoors, then this is the perfect place to go. We loved Park City during our stay in the summer, and it had plenty of options for us to get out and hike, bike, and run. We chose to go for a hike and we ended up going to Lake Mary. This was a quick 2.6 mile round trip with beautiful views, and a wonderful look at lake Mary. Make sure to bring bug spray because in the summer this place is covered in Mosquitos! We also loved exploring Guardsmans Pass scenic byway, which had breathtaking views of the surrounding area. This part of the trip reminded us of pictures of Switzerland.

Where to Walk

The place to go for food, family fun, shopping, and treats is definitely Main Street in Park City. We loved this area, you could walk up and down the street with many options to stop in and see a local store, or to set up activities for the next day. We enjoyed our time exploring the Main Street area, this was also where our favorite restaurant, Tekila, was located.

Another place that we absolutely loved to walk around and take some pictures at was McPolin Farm located right outside of town. This white farmhouse/barn is owned by the city and is a great place to get out, walk along the trails and explore the beautiful farm. It is right off the main highway, and the trails will take you along the mountainside, by a stream, or in the meadow. This is a very picturesque place, and one of our favorite places to stop at.

Overall, Park City was one of our favorite locations to visit. We cannot wait to go back and explore the area even more. Let us know below if you have ever been, or any questions about our stay!

Overall, Park City was one of our favorite locations to visit. We cannot wait to go back and explore the area even more. Let us know below if you have ever been, or any questions about our stay!


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