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Christmas Season!

One of our favorite things about Christmas is all of our favorite movies. We love us some lovey dovey romantic ones, you’ve seen them on Netflix, and chances are, you’ve watched them too. We love us some classics too, like Its a Wonderful Life, and even some newer ones like Elf. _____ We have found a few new ones this year that will be favorites in the future, and some that we have already watched multiple times. But one thing we really love above all, is the magic of Christmas. _____ It seems that most Christmas movies have the same themes. A story of people losing sight of what is important in life, and it always takes some crazy event at Christmas which makes them see their mistakes and they are all happy again. _____ Its a cycle, that happens year after year, movie after movie, and some of us might be really tired of watching that over and over, and the story might be the same. But there is some truth in there. And these cheesy movies might be on to something. _____ I don’t know about you, but for me it seems that the idea is simple. Appreciate life year round, don’t let work distract you from God and family, and be kind to others. In theory its very simple. Unfortunately, in practice this seems hard year after year, and over and over I find myself having to be taught the same lesson. _____ This year I want to challenge us/you to find one thing that we take for granted each year and focus on making that a priority in the new year. It can be really hard to combat everything at once. So I want to be mindful of how we can combat this spirit of busyness and truly be intentional about taking care of our relationship with God, ourselves and with others. _____ In doing so, our prayer is that we can all spend a little less time reminding ourselves each year what is important, and a little more time being intentional with those things. This way, the lesson gets easier to manage each year and is less overwhelming when we hit that wall, like in the movies. _____ Let us know below 👇🏼What is going to be your focus area this year for appreciation? And for fun, what’s your fav Christmas movie? 🎄 


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