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Christmas Day!

MERRY CHRISTMAS _____ Christmas is our favorite day of the year. We are so excited that it is finally here. 2017 has come and gone like the wind. And this Christmas season hasn’t been any different. _____ We are so thankful. Thankful for family, friends, Jesus, and our lovely new addition, little Honey Bear. This season has been about slowing down and appreciating all that we have done, and all that God has done for us. _____ This year has not been easy, there has been a lot that could have derailed us, a lot that could have shaken us to our core. But the truth that is Christ has been our foundation, and in this season we cling to the hope that He is in control and that His truth will reign. _____ Our prayer each day is that He would speak to our hearts, that we would know His purpose for our lives, and that He would guide us in a way that we would be able to bless all of you through His love. _____ We have often found, that through this surrender, we get blessed far beyond what we thought, and Guys, we are so thankful for your support, for your kindness and wisdom. We have been abundantly blessed by the ways that God has spoken to us through your words, your love, and your encouragement. _____ We are in Pittsburgh, where we will spend our Christmas. We are thrilled to be with family. And for all of them to meet our little one 🍯🐻. _____ Merry Christmas! How are you celebrating Christmas Day this year? 


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