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Breaking Free from Perfectionism

I love the chance to be creative, do you? Since as early as I can remember I loved drawing pictures for everyone in my family. I would (and still do) love making homemade gifts for people, to me it's just so extra special because I get a chance to pray for the person I'm making the gift for and let them know it's from the heart. I would create Christmas plays for my family, writing everyone's script out for them. I would pick wild flowers and arrange them for my mom. I would make things out of clay and draw and write little books. I did wood working with my dad. I would paint pictures and make jewelry. For a long time though perfectionism bogged me down. I stopped making things and stopped creating because nothing was ever perfect enough. I would shame myself when I made something that I knew it could be better and that really wore me out. I've been in a season where I'm so excited to create again, and holding onto the truth that it's ok that it won't be perfect. Everything I do and create is a learning process, but I can free myself knowing things can be good and they don't need to be perfect. Speaking that freedom over you today too, lets have fun in creating without the pressure of being perfect. What things do you like to create? Have you ever felt the same way as I have? Love to hear from you guys!


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