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You are loved beyond measure

Best Hotel in Mexico | Four Seasons Punta Mita


To say we haven’t fallen more in love with each other on this trip would be the biggest lie I’ve ever told. The Four Seasons Punta Mita went above and beyond to make this the greatest experience of our lives. Waking up each morning to the sound of rushing waves, whale watching from our porch, romantic room service brunches where we get lost in each other’s eyes. The amazing offerings are endless at the Four Seasons.

We drank fresh coconut, swam in the lazy river, and had the most delicious meals. The ocean is stunning, the property is a tropical/jungle paradise. We never wanted to leave. I could not have imagined the kind of experience we would be having here in Punta Mita. I know that we will cherish these memories and keep them so close to our hearts.

Below we will share our favorite parts of the resort, and hopefully through our experiences, you will be able to make a trip to one of the greatest places on earth. Don’t be scared to bring your dog, because the Four Seasons Punta Mita has options for the entire family! Make sure you read the whole blog because we share our favorite part at the bottom!


OUR ROOM: Casita Premier Ocean View Room

We had the pleasure of staying in one of their Casita Premier Ocean View Rooms at the Four Seasons Punta Mita. The room included One king bed, a queen sofa bed, Honey Bear’s bed (a dog bed), an indoor table with two chairs, an outdoor sofa, an outdoor table with chairs and one full marble bathroom.

The Four Seasons is incredibly accommodating towards pets (especially dogs) and made everything so nice for Honey Bear to join us. Honey had her own bed which included a mattress, a customized robe with her name embroidered on it, treats which had her name spelled out in frosting, and even an embroidered towel for all our needs. You could tell Honey felt right at home in our room.

We would order room service (which was excellent) each morning for breakfast including a meal for Honey Bear as well. We loved being greeted by a smiling face each morning. The service staff are incredibly knowledgable, kind, and respectful. We would have our meals out on our porch which had breathtaking views of the property and the ocean.

Room service orders:

Caleb: Bacon, onion, pepper, and cheese omelette, orange juice, and a vanilla latte.

Stefanie: Egg white, onion, pepper, avocado, spinach omelette, orange Juice, and a hot chocolate with almond milk.

Honey Bear (from dog menu): Grilled chicken, side of rice, side of scrambled egg.

Our room was a home away from home for us. The perfect relaxing place at the beginning and end of the day. We would even do whale watching from our porch which had beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. We had plenty of room for our baggage, a large bathroom which had everything we could possibly need, and the location was convenient for any place that we needed to go.



We were able to experience the amazing food at each of their signature restaurants on the property. They were extremely accommodating to my dietary needs (Gluten Free, Soy Free, Corn Free), and the food was delicious.


Dos Catrinas

Destined to become the heart of the Resort, this restaurant's menu sizzles with exceptional Mexican food: traditional fare with a contemporary twist and mouth-watering craft cocktails created by the best in Riviera Nayarit. We loved Dos Catrinas.

Our orders:

Appetizer: Lobster Taco (GF) - Refried beans, avocado, morita sauce, cabbage salad, aged panela cheese

Caleb: Grilled Beef Tlayuda (GF) - Refried beans, Mexican sauce, Oaxaca cheese, aged panela cheese, epazote, macha sauce

Stefanie: Catch of the Day (GF) - Corn Kernels, cotija cheese, morita macha suace

Honey Bear: Grilled Chicken

Dessert: Gluten Free Churros (delicious!)

Dos Catrinas Full Dinner Menu


Bahia By Richard Sandoval

Experience cool ocean breezes and Punta Mita's best sunsets as you dine at the casual, seafood-centric grill and restaurant. The views from the Bahia were second to none. We loved being able to fully take in the beauty of the ocean shore while enjoying some amazing surf & turf entrees from their ocean front restaurant.

Our Orders:

Appetizers: Charred Octopus (GF) "Bravas" Potatoes, Gremolata, Grilled Endive

Caleb: Surf & Turf - USDA choice Ribeye Steak with dry rub, Red Snapper

Stefanie: Surf & Turf - USDA choice Ribeye Steak with dry rub, Catch of the day (mahi mahi)





Tail of the Whale Restaurant

Stop in for a quick bite or toast a successful 18 holes at this restaurant named for their signature island green. The restaurant is on the upper level of the clubhouse overlooking their two Jack Nicklaus-designed golf courses and the ocean. We had the pleasure of eating breakfast one morning at the Tail of the Whale. It was peaceful and had great views of the property and golf course.

Our orders:

Caleb: Two eggs over-easy, side of bacon, orange juice, coffee mocha.

Stefanie: Egg white omelet, side of bacon, orange juice, hot chocolate with almond milk.

Tail of the Whale Full Breakfast Menu


**Our Top Choice**: Aramara

The food at Aramara was the best on the resort and was our favorite spot for dinner on the property. The name means "sacred place by the ocean" in native Huichol, Aramara combines contemporary Asian cooking techniques with seafood fresh from the shores of Punta Mita and the neighbouring fishing village of Sayulita.

Our orders:


Hot Rock - Marinated New York Strip with Enoki-Carrot Salad

Crispy Octopus - Vietnamese Slaw, Hot and Sour Tamarind Sauce

Caleb: Shrimp Kung Pao - Spicy Chinese Sauce, Pineapple, Cashews, Jasmine Rice, Sishito Pepper, Taro

Stefanie: Crispy Octopus - Vietnamese Slaw, Hot and Sour Tamarind Sauce (Stefanie’s favorite dish, so they made it a full entree for her)

Drinks: Grilled Lemon Sakatini

Dessert: Vanilla Souffles - "Papantla" vanilla bean ice cream and Xanath caramel sauce

El Perla Negra - As a popular carajillo in Mexico, this drink combines the strength and roasted notes of a hot espresso with the spicy sweetness of Licor 43, blended with an addictive touch of Mozart Dark Chocolate, a first-class liqueur from Austria.



By Caleb:

Seeing Stefanie come alive again has often brought tears of joy and moments that I’ll cherish forever. I loved how excited she got for the lazy river, often doing laps around me as I try to catch up.

We both had experienced lazy rivers in our childhood but it was nothing like this. You get the whole treatment when you visit the Lazy River at the Four Seasons. Not only do you get to go around the relaxing and calming river, but you can set your stuff down under one of the umbrellas and enjoy full service from their bar located right off the edge of the river. I would enjoy several Slurpees from the bar (cherry flavor, non-alcoholic) and we would go around and around for hours. This was truly a highlight of the trip for us, something we had heard about on our tour the first day. We just had to give it a try and it as well worth it!



By Caleb:

One of the most fun moments was seeing Stefanie and Honey Bear get mani and pedis on our balcony overlooking the ocean. We had a wonderful woman come to our room and provide the excellent service. Stefanie got to pick matching nail polish colors with Honey Bear, and they each got spa treatment. This is great to have in our room so as to get the whole experience together, while allowing Honey Bear to be involved. I love when Stefanie gets special treatment, it makes me so happy to see someone who pours out so much, get poured into as well.

We love that Honey Bear could come along with us. The Four Seasons is extremely accommodating towards her. Having her own bed, own menu for all her meals (which included chicken and steak dishes), toys, and even her own bathrobe. Let’s just say that Honey Bear is living her best life. Each person loving on her as we walk along the paths around the resort, we’ve never felt so free staying somewhere with her. It was such a wonderful experience for all of us.



He held my hand down the steps as we slipped off our sandals and dipped our toes into the water. After one of the best days either of us have ever had, I couldn’t wait for a night swim. We both entered the water without a splash, to not disturb the placid water of the infinity pool at the Four Seasons Punta Mita.

The water glows sapphire at night with blue lights illuminating the warm pool. It is mesmerizing. Caleb and I, the only ones in the enormous infinity pool on the cliff overlooking the ocean. I swam out first with excitement to the edge where Caleb soon joined me overlooking the coast. Looking in Caleb’s eyes we both saw each other with more kindness after these past few days. The cleansing water and cool air felt purifying from burdens we had both been carrying.

The ocean & shore glimmers gold from sparkling lights that are stretched out over a part of the beach. Spotlights are illuminating some the the surf. As I spun/swam in a circle I saw the property of the Four Seasons Punta Mita surrounding me with more twinkling lights, beautiful music & the faint sound of laughing & chattering from guests at the various restaurants, bonfires and beach bars.

We swam around laughing, talking & being playful as we both had to pinch ourselves to make sure this was real and not a dream. Caleb’s eyes which are the most remarkable turquoise, glowed even bluer in this water & my heart fluttered and smiled. Seeing the love in his eyes for me are moments I live for.

After breathing in the fresh ocean air, taking in the sounds of the crashing of the surf & adoring the beauty of the moon and stars, we got chilly and went to the hot tub nearby. The perfect end to each night and a great way to start off this morning for me in the pool as well.



There were so many different places around the resort that we loved to frequent. However, our favorite spot of all was the place we called, “our Nest.” Located on the southern beach at the property are these nest-like beds that hang from the cliff above. They have mattresses inside with pillows and two beach lounging chairs right outside. With everything we could possibly need, we would hang out here for hours.

What A beautiful view, the ocean breeze blowing in my hair, and the touch of the warm crystal blue water on my feet and legs. Going on walks together up and down the beach, from our little “nest” (or so we call it) all the way down to the golf course with an island hole in the middle of the ocean.

Honey Bear chasing the sand we kick up from our feet, walking hand in hand, Caleb twirling me by the water, as romance is everywhere around us. Exploring the resort, we often feel like the only ones here. It is so peaceful, you can hear the sound of song birds, the call of a falcon, and bustling in the trees from iguana’s searching for the best spot underneath the sun.

In our nest (pictured above), we can relax for hours. The only sounds are our romantic whispers, Honey Bear’s restful breathing and the crashing waves around us.

The service is amazing, the people so kind. We love our server on the beach named Jorge. Jorge has the biggest smile every time we come down to stay at our spot, and he knows exactly what we want, a Passion Fruit Lime drink. We asked Jorge if he enjoyed working on the beach, he said that it is the best job he’s ever had & he is so joyful to come to work every day (and it showed).

If someone were to ask us to picture our happy place, this would be exactly what we would picture. The three of us together, relaxing and taking in every moment together.



Traveling helps bring me perspective. I love learning about different cultures, seeing how other people live, and what their lives are like. One of my favorite classes in seminary was about reading the Bible from other cultures and different points of view. Caleb and I have the best conversations about what life might be like for us if we grew up in the new places we visit. When the Four Seasons took us to Sayulita, a hippy-chic town on the coast, it was such a unique experience for us.

Colors were everywhere on the street. The houses, the outfits, the decorations. There’s a mix of Mexican country culture with Pacific surf; with cute cafes, street food and music being played. I pictured what life might look like for a local child there. Our driver told us stories about the small school and a little about what life is like to live there.

The people were enamored by Honey Bear and it was fun to hear people call her "little princess." Caleb and I explored the city streets, walked on the beach & talked to some vendors during our short trip to Sayulita. Although we were anxious to get back to the beaches of the Four Seasons, our paradise, (only about a 20 min drive away) we were glad they gave us an opportunity to see & hear stories about the surrounding cities and see local people during our day adventure.



The service at the Four Seasons Punta Mita is second to none. No matter where you go at the resort, you are greeted with a smile and an ‘Hola’ from one of many of their employees. We had never seen such joy in the eyes and in the hearts of the people that work there. We had so many experiences with staff that were positive, we felt right at home, building friendships with many people by the end of our trip. We talked to several people who had traveled to many of the different Four Seasons resorts, and they said without a doubt that the service in Punta Mita was the best in the world. We couldn’t agree more. You won’t find a kinder, more grateful group of people anywhere else. We loved staying there, it felt like family.



Our trip to the Four Seasons Punta Mita was absolutely the best trip of our entire lives. We had so much fun while we were there, we fell more in love, we experienced a new culture, and we met amazing people. Punta Mita will always have a special place in our hearts, and we cannot wait to go back one day and take our entire family!

Here are some more of our other favorite moments from the trip:

Let us know below: Have you ever been to Mexico? What’s your favorite part of the Four Seasons?


FTC// We partnered with the Four Seasons Punta Mita for this blog post, however, the opinions stated are our own.


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