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Be A World Changer

Can you imagine all your dreams dying? Your life shattered beyond repair? Many weeks at our church we hear stories of people’s lives who have dealt & coped with life that has left them with nothing.

I have tears in my eyes every week as someone new shares their story. Some start out sharing about the abuse they endured as a child growing up. Addicted to drugs at such a young age. Losing everything, homelessness. Some talk about having a great childhood but decisions they kept making that lead them on a path of one horrible decision after another, until they had know idea who they were when they looked in the mirror. Their lives shallow, hallow, destroyed from drugs, alcohol, crime, abuse etc. Some of them had all their dreams crushed early on, some never had the chance to dream at all.

But at the end of what they share with us is very similar from each other. When all hope seemed lost. When not one shrewd of light could be found. They were rescued. Hope restored. Dreams coming true.

The Dream Center is the perfect name for a place where precious lives are redeemed. Before their label was homeless teen or human trafficking victim. But now they are accepted. Completely free of charge the Dream Center welcomed them in. They are clothed, fed, get to have the education, counseling, community & love they so desperately need. They feel whole, beautiful, cherished, redeemed. They get a family. They get to be productive members of society & help make a positive impact on the lives of many from their God-given gifts & talents.

Today, Caleb & I got the privilege to shoot baskets alongside Paster Matt and many others with the goal of raising more money for the Dream Center. Donations are what allow the Dream Center to change the lives that they do.

If you’ve wanted to tangibly change people’s lives, we would LOVE you to donate to our fundraiser page HERE! Giving to the Dream Center is giving someone a chance at HOPE. Do you love being a world changer? Love hearing from you!

Here is more about The Dream Center:

The Los Angeles Dream Center is a faith-based non-profit organization dedicated to transforming lives and the underserved communities in the city of Los Angeles. With your donations, Dream Center programs can continue to address root causes of homelessness.

Through our outreach and residential programs, we provide completely free housing, clothing, daily meals and all basic needs for homeless people, alongside education, counseling, and community support in order to enable immediate and long-term transformation. The Dream Center welcomes those in need into our community with the resources, training, and support they need, regardless of faith, age, gender, orientation, nationality, or any other defining factor.

A Dream of Changing Lives

Dream Center is a volunteer-driven organization that finds and fills the needs of over 40,000 individuals and families through approximately 70,000 encounters each month, with many accessing multiple services.

They do this through mobile hunger relief and medical programs, residential rehabilitation programs for adults, a shelter for victims of human trafficking, transitional housing for homeless families, foster care intervention programs, job skills training, life skills, counseling, basic education, Bible studies and more. They work to meet people where they are at, to bring them hope and a way off the streets.

They also equip others to serve. The Dream Center’s record of success has attracted urban missionaries and Christian leaders from across the U.S. and the world. As they volunteer with them, they gain insight and skills that they can take back to their own communities.

In this way, more than 100 independent Dream Centers have been launched nationally, as well as internationally. Many more churches and ministries have become more effective as they teach those who give their time and talent to do what we do. Many who once needed their services also go on to help others.


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