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You are loved beyond measure

Baby Logan

Hi baby Logan (my best friend’s little boy). I was overcome with emotion the first time I met you, Logan. Your momma and I had so many months of prayer walks for you and talking about what you would be like and so many days planning and celebrating your arrival. I had butterflies before Caleb and I walked over to meet you. I made sure we were both as clean as we ever could be and was giddy with excitement. I was filled with so much love and awe for God when I saw you. It’s truly amazing the miracle of creation- He made you so very special and formed you so wonderfully. Caleb sung the sweetest song to you about how great God has made you. You’ve been a baby so filled with contentment and joy from the first time I saw you. I praise God that He has given you the mother and father that He has. It’s been beautiful watching your momma, Christy overflow with love for you. She gives love so abundantly and unashamed to the people in her life, and has a compassion and kindness for others that goes unmatched from anyone I’ve met. I pray that you will be this kind dear Logan. Your father was so natural right away, a peace and bliss so lovely. What a gift to have a father that not only loves you, but likes you and wants to spend every moment he can with you. You are so very loved, Logan. It breaks my heart you and your sweet momma and daddy aren’t across the street anymore, but way across the United States. But I carry you guys in my heart and pray for all your days ahead.


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