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Are We Going To Have Kids?

The question ⁉️we get asked a ton in life (and on our instastory ask me anything) is “When are you going to have kids.” ⁉️Caleb and I have been married over 5 years so this question makes sense for sure. I got so many messages when I responded “we’re still not sure if we’re going to have kids or not.” There were so many sweet messages from you guys, saying what great parents you think we would be. ___ We appreciate all the love and support so much. ❤️There are so many factors that go into this decision. Health, timing, and things I’m not going to talk about online right now. We aren’t sure if we are even able to have kids. We both LOVE children, and the older we get, the more we admire good parents. ___ I volunteered at an orphanage in Rwanda 🇷🇼 and I asked God if he wanted me to stay and be a mom to the children there, that’s how much love I have for them.  Caleb and I both love pouring into the lives of kids and want to keep giving back to the next generation and help show them how loved, special and purposeful their lives are. ___ I’ve volunteered/had jobs for most of my life where I’ve gotten to do ministry with kids, I was on staff with Young Life, was a Bible teacher, Caleb is a middle school teacher, Caleb was a coach for years, I was a coach,  we’ve both helped with special needs kids, underprivileged kids, and at orphanages. ✨That is some of the most fulfilling and beautiful times we have. ___ So we don’t know if we will have biological kids, adopt, foster, or just continue to pour into the lives of kids as we’ve been doing. 🥰No matter what our decision, your love and support means so much to us! Is there any question❓you get asked a ton? Love hearing from you! 


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