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A Reason For Change

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Have you ever planned something out in your life and it not go the way you wanted it to? That has happens to me. A lot. D, from Be You and Thrive @beyouandthrive asked me to be a guest blogger for her, and this is what she says about what I shared: “Today in the Thrive Blog, Stefanie Rouse from @unshakablecrown shares that ‘…there is a reason for change, even if we don’t fully understand it yet.’ Join her as she writes (with such pure authenticity) about her journey of struggle during a time of transition. You’ll quickly get to know of Stefanie’s passion and strong faith that helped her through this difficult season in life. Be inspired, as you read her experience of growth in this difficult change- and how she is now doing things that may have not happen otherwise.” 🌿 My husband and I worked at a Christian school together for three years. I loved waking up and going to work everyday with my husband. I loved that he brought be a snack at ‘nutrition” time and I loved eating lunch with him everyday. I loved my students, classroom and getting to disciple kids along side my husband. I loved running after school with him everyday and feeling like my prayers were answered of getting to do ministry with my husband. I had many dreams about our future. I thought about our future kids being in my classroom one day and Caleb coaching our kids as we worked together. But these plans didn’t work out… find out why and how we’ve trusted God in the change. Link Here


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