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The 5 Step Strategy To Attract & Cultivate The Relationship Of Your Dreams. 

(While staying true to yourself and having connection that is long lasting)

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Are you Ready?

Are you ready to heal and reveal your beautiful & radiant true self; full of connection, peace, freedom, intimacy, and love?

So that you can be able to then have meaningful relationships that can provide the peace, joy, attention and connection you deserve.The secret to having more passion, connection, and intimacy in your relationships so that instead of short lived flings you will cultivate the long lasting relationship (and even marriage) that you desire. Not allowing things from the past hinder you from being the fullest version of yourself.

What does the course include?

  • 8 Modules

  • 40 Videos

  • 15 Worksheets

  • 3 Unshakable Crown Stock Images

  • Access to Insiders Community of Women with same goals.

  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly Live Sessions With Caleb & Stefanie which provide

  • Accountability/Mentoring/Support

  • Lifetime Access to Course Content

  • Course Content Updated Frequently

  • The Best Information Out there for this Modern Day

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Begin Right Away

Once you enroll in the course, you will gain instant access to the course materials and content. You will be all set up to get the results that you want! Go at your own pace and enjoy the 8 modules and excellent resources in the course.

Become an Insider

As you go along in your journey, connection and accountability are key. So join our Cultivate Relationship Community as an Insider, say hello, and feel the support and love from our community of Women with the same goals as you. Plus, as an Insider, you will get to ask us questions, and be a part of the Weekly/Bi-Weekly live sessions with Caleb and I!

Gain your Freedom

Think about 8 weeks from now, having the freedom over the toxic thoughts that have plagued you for years. No longer stuck, but set loose and experiencing freedom over the past, and your Dream relationship right around the corner. You’ve taken control of your life, and you are ready for the Freedom and future you deserve!

So...How much does all of this cost?


You could continue to see your therapist for years, the amount it will cost to get some of the info and action steps will take at least 30 session or more ($3,000-$11,000) or go to school and get your Master’s in Marriage and Family therapy for $70,000- and years studying under the best mentors, doing case studies etc. to get all the info shared in this course.


Or...You can take control NOW and get the results that you need in as little as 8 weeks.


You’ll get more satisfaction out of relationships, have stronger relationships, and build towards your future of a healthy Marriage and Family.


How much is having a thriving and healthy relationship worth to you?


Your investment to the Cultivate Relationship program:

One time payment of $1,999

but get 50% OFF with code THRIVE to make the price $999

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