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Limited time offer- available for next 24 hours or while limited supplies last!! Act Fast!



Are you Ready?

Are you ready to heal and reveal your beautiful & radiant true self; full of connection, peace, freedom, intimacy, and love?

So that you can be able to then have meaningful relationships that can provide the peace, joy, attention and connection you deserve.The secret to having more passion, connection, and intimacy in your relationships so that instead of short lived flings you will cultivate the long lasting relationship (and even marriage) that you desire. Not allowing things from the past hinder you from being the fullest version of yourself.

What does the course include?

  • 8 Modules (can finish in 8 weeks)- go at your own pace

  • 40+Transformational Exclusive Training Videos

  • 15 Action/Results Based Worksheets

  • Access to Insiders Community of Women with same goals.

  • Live Sessions With Caleb & Stefanie which provide accountability/Mentoring/Support, Weekly/Bi-Weekly (Ask any questions to us!) 

  • Lifetime Access to Course Content

  • Course Content Updated Frequently

  • The Best Information Out there for this Modern Day

  • = Real Connection, Intimacy, Relationship Goals met!

Begin Right Away

Once you enroll in the course, you will gain instant access to the course materials and content. You will be all set up to get the results that you want! Go at your own pace and enjoy the 8 modules and excellent resources in the course.

Become an Insider

As you go along in your journey, connection and accountability are key. So join our Cultivate Relationship Community as an Insider, say hello, and feel the support and love from our community of Women with the same goals as you. Plus, as an Insider, you will get to ask us questions, and be a part of the Weekly/Bi-Weekly live sessions with Caleb and I!

Gain your Freedom

Think about 8 weeks from now, having the freedom over the toxic thoughts that have plagued you for years. No longer stuck, but set loose and experiencing freedom over the past, and your Dream relationship right around the corner. You’ve taken control of your life, and you are ready for the Freedom and future you deserve!

So...How much does it this cost?


You could see your therapist for years, the amount it will cost to MAYBE get only some of the training and action steps will take at least 30 session or more ($3,000-$11,000) or go to school and get your Master’s in Marriage and Family therapy for $70,000- and many years studying under the best mentors, doing case studies etc. to get all the info shared in this course. Or be stuck in your unfilled love life- lacking the connection you deserve and going to quick fixes to numb the pain= thousands of dollars and still not getting what you really want.


Or...You can take control NOW and get the results that you need in as little as 8 weeks.


You’ll get more satisfaction out of relationships, have stronger relationships, and build towards your future of a healthy Marriage and Family.


How much is having a thriving and healthy relationship worth to you?

Your investment to the Cultivate Relationship program:

One time payment of $1,999

but get 50% OFF with code THRIVE one payment of $899 or 4 payments of just $250!! Having a connected & thriving relationship = Priceless! We have never found any course that offers even a fraction of the value we're giving you at such an affordable price. We are so committed to your success, the questions is, are you? We can't wait to see breakthrough in your life & relationships!

Limited time offer- available for next

24 hours or

while limited supplies last!! Act Fast!

Testimonials and Community 

Jessica Says...

After many failed attempts at dating and relationships, I finally decided to do something different and dive into this 8 week course, after seeing an ad for it on Facebook.


I was a little skeptical at first and didn’t know if this course could really help. But after the first two weeks, as we dug deeper into our “why” and “our mindset” I began to finally understand why a lot of my previous attempts at relationships and dating had failed. Consequently, I also began to see that if I continued to do the same thing I would only get the same result.


The last 8 weeks have been transformational for me. I’ve learned so much about myself and what I will and won’t compromise on in a relationship. Likewise, I also finally saw the value that I can bring to a relationship and now truly know my worth. Thank you Stefanie and Caleb for your wisdom and your hearts for relationships!

Alyx Says...

I discovered this course on Facebook as I was being led to take a hard look at how I was approaching relationships (dating and otherwise). I knew that I needed to start doing things differently, but I had no idea where to start, or if it was even possible. 

Though I am still in progress with the course itself, I am so glad that I've chosen to invest my time and energy into making such a change. My first conversation with Stefanie gave me so much hope, and her messages are filled with a gentleness and grace that seem to be missing from similar things I've done. Cultivating relationships not only motivates, but it also empowers women and men alike to take a compassionate but raw look at themselves, to make process and make peace with the past in order to create and CULTIVATE a future. 


I'm thankful that God has brought this into my life and for Stefanie's work. Thank you for your gifts and wisdom!

Ashley Says...

“A few months ago I had hit rock bottom emotionally. I was so deep into my depression and not feeling like i was ever going to be good enough for anyone after yet another failed attempt at a relationship. I happened to be be scrolling through Facebook after one of my many emotional breakdowns when I came across an ad for Unshakable Crown. I clicked the link and my life completely changed.


From that moment forward I knew there was no going back. I am so glad and so thankful I decided to take the step and dive into this course. Not only do I feel like it has made a huge difference but my closest friends have noticed too. Even one in haven’t seen in 4 months noticed how happier I am. This has been a life changing decision for me that I will be able to carry on and not only be a better me but a better mom and future partner. I couldn’t even begin to Thank Stefanie and Caleb enough. Truly amazing and life altering.”

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