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Jessica Says...

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Ashley Says...

“A few months ago I had hit rock bottom emotionally. I was so deep into my depression and not feeling like I was ever going to be good enough for anyone after yet another failed attempt at a relationship. I happened to be be scrolling through Facebook after one of my many emotional breakdowns when I came across an ad for Unshakable Crown. I clicked the link and my life completely changed.


From that moment forward I knew there was no going back. I am so glad and so thankful I decided to take the step and dive into this course. Not only do I feel like it has made a huge difference but my closest friends have noticed too. Even one in haven’t seen in 4 months noticed how happier I am. This has been a life changing decision for me that I will be able to carry on and not only be a better me but a better mom and future partner. I couldn’t even begin to Thank Stefanie and Caleb enough. Truly amazing and life altering.”

I discovered this course on Facebook as I was being led to take a hard look at how I was approaching relationships (dating and otherwise). I knew that I needed to start doing things differently, but I had no idea where to start, or if it was even possible. 

Though I am still in progress with the course itself, I am so glad that I've chosen to invest my time and energy into making such a change. My first conversation with Stefanie gave me so much hope, and her messages are filled with a gentleness and grace that seem to be missing from similar things I've done. Cultivating relationships not only motivates, but it also empowers women and men alike to take a compassionate but raw look at themselves, to make process and make peace with the past in order to create and CULTIVATE a future. 


I'm thankful that God has brought this into my life and for Stefanie's work. Thank you for your gifts and wisdom!

After many failed attempts at dating and relationships, I finally decided to do something different.


I was a little skeptical at first and didn’t know if this course could really help. But after the first two weeks doing this program I began to finally understand why a lot of my previous attempts at relationships and dating had failed. Consequently, I also began to see that if I continued to do the same thing I would only get the same result.


The last 8 weeks have been transformational for me. I’ve learned so much about myself and what I will and won’t compromise on in a relationship. Likewise, I also finally saw the value that I can bring to a relationship and now truly know my worth. Thank you Stefanie and Caleb for your wisdom and your hearts for relationships!

Others are saying:


"There is so much good to be learned here" 

"I’m smiling so much more too! This course has been an amazing blessing in my life."

" I'm feeling better about myself overall and feeling like the things I am learning are really helping me to change my mindset. I have definitely felt more confident in the last few weeks."


"I just have to say that I am so so thankful I decided to do this! Just over the past almost two months my closest friends have noticed such a change in me. And one pointed out to me that I am happier and smiling more. This have helped me so much."

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